Lanita Bryant

Meet Lanita Bryant, Office Manager in Arlington

Education & Credentials


We promise to greet you with a warm welcome and provide you with the Perfect Patient Experience. In addition to delivering superior dentistry, we offer multiple payment options to ensure that you are able to receive the treatment you deserve.


I have been in the dental field for many years and my journey has been nothing less than amazing. I am grateful to have a dental background that includes chairside assisting, training and management. Aside from dentistry, I love spending time with my family and eating some good food!

Patient Impact

My transition from a lead dental assistant and treatment plan coordinator into my current role has been such a blessing. The most rewarding part of being an operations manager is connecting with patients in multiple ways. I believe in listening to understand, and I want our patients to feel heard. That is my specialty.


My favorite book is The Alchemist, and I am pretty sure that I could quote the entire Shrek movie. My favorite snack is Spicy Doritos with a Strawberry Kiwi Snapple and M&M's... but don't tell anyone else.

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